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Endurance: chocolade-amandel-hazelnoot smaak

De Endurance bar is de Praline onder de RAW bites — een heerlijke cheat flavor die voedzaam &...

De Endurance bar is de Praline onder de RAW bites — een heerlijke cheat flavor die voedzaam & gezond is!

Deze bar is samengesteld als natuurlijke pre-workout snack. Met een Endurance til je je workout naar het volgende niveau en streef je jezelf voorbij. Liever een kickstart voor de dag, een oplossing voor je middagdip, of een boost tijdens de nachtdienst? Met de Endurance race je efficiënt door in de 6e versnelling.

Geüpgrade met de superfoods Endurance stack

+ 1.500 mg Cordyceps extract

  • Stimuleert je ATP-productie, de brandstof voor al je lichaamscellen
  • Brengt zuurstof naar je (spier)cellen en verbetert je bloedsomloop
  • Helpt reguleren van je libido en testosteronproductie
  • Ondersteunt je immuunsysteem

+ 1.000 mg Guarana extract

  • Bevat 2 à 3x zoveel cafeïne als koffiebonen
  • Hoog vezelgehalte waardoor je langdurige energie krijgt zonder te pieken of te crashen
  • Rijk aan antioxidanten


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Ingredients: mixed nut paste (roasted hazelnuts 50%, roasted almonds 50%, sea salt)*, chocolate drops dark 80% (cocoa mass 80%, sugar, skimmed cocoa powder, emulsifier: soylecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), oatmeal*, dates*, date syrup, 1.500 mg cordyceps CS-4 extract, 1.000 mg guarana powder, coconut oil*, Celtic sea salt, Ceylon cinnamon powder*. *Organic ingredient.

Guarana powder contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

May contain traces of: gluten, soy, nuts, peanuts and sesame.

per 100gr per bite (45gr)


539 Kcal 243 Kcal
Fats 38.0 g 17.1 g
- of which saturated 10.2 g 4.6 g
Carbohydrates 38.5 g 17.3 g
- of which sugars  11.6 g 5.2 g
- of which fibers 15.4 g 6.9 g
Protein  13.2 g 6.0 g
Salt 0.53 g 0.24 g


The base of oats, almond hazelnut spread, coconut oil and 80% dark chocolate gives you all the nutrients for long-lasting energy. With our Endurance stack we take this bite to the next level:

- Cordyceps: improves your circulation, oxygen uptake and ATP production and thus supports your energy and stamina.

- Guaraná: contains 2–3 times as much caffeine as coffee and due to the high fiber content, the effect is gradual and long-lasting.

Eat the Endurance bite no later than 6 hours before going to sleep to avoid disturbing your night's rest.

We recommend eating no more than 2 Endurance bites per day, and eating them no more than 5/7 days a week.*

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps has been used safely for thousands of years. In the West, maximum doses for Cordyceps have never been determined, but it has been used safely by healthy* adults in daily doses of 3–6 grams for 1 year.

Guaraná contains on average 4.7% caffeine, varying from harvest to harvest. That means our Endurance stack contains an average of 47 mg of caffeine – equivalent to 1 cup of black tea. Although doses of up to 400 mg per day have been tested safely for healthy adults, caffeine sensitivity is very personal.

*Cordyceps strengthens your immune system. While that's desirable for most people, with autoimmune diseases Cordyceps can make symptoms worse.

For optimal effect, we recommend taking them at different times.* For example:

- An Endurance bite in the morning, a Flow bite in the afternoon, and an Unwind bite in the evening.

- An Endurance bite as pre-workout meal (1-1.5 hours before training) and an Unwind bite as post-workout meal.

- A Flow bite in the morning and an Endurance bite in the afternoon.

*Keep the maximum daily doses in mind.

If you store the bites in a cool, dry and dark place (e.g. in a cold cupboard or drawer), they have a shelf life of at least 6 months after production.

The product has an expiration date. After that, use your nose and eyes to determine whether the bite is still edible.

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